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Local consultations on the topic of arts-led SAP in Slovakia

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Article by RDA

As part of the Motivate to create (M2C) Erasmus+ project we have recently held local consultations with various experts operating in the field of art, social action projects and community education.

Regional Development Agency Senec-Pezinok has a significant number of experiences in implementing Erasmus+ projects in support of creative and cultural industries as well as social area oriented projects. Therefore, professional connections helped us to recruit participants who meet the needs of the project.

In order to complete the first project task to find out more about the arts-led Social Action Projects (SAP) in non-formal adult and community education settings, RDA SP has recently established cooperation with vocational secondary school for disabled students in Bratislava, Slovakia. We have eventually conducted four interviews with people who have expressed an interest in M2C project. All the findings are based on interviews that were conducted in the period between 8th of November and 19th of November 2021.

Our findings demonstrate that interviewees are generally not aware of what exactly social action project and structured learning outcomes are. They claim to do similar kind of activities but they prefer to call them art sessions, after school activities or courses. In Slovakia, the interviewees consider lack of systematic support and structure as the biggest challenge they face. However, they generally express a high interest in M2C approach and they are eager to be involved and improved in this field.

Selected teachers or community leaders will represent the main target group in this project. We see them as active participants. On the contrary, we see physically or mentally disabled youth and adults (16 years old and older), school employees and similar kind of schools or institutions as project beneficiaries.

The conclusion of the first part of Motivate to Create is over and we are looking forward to continuation of the project.